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LAS 401

LAS 401 is Introduction to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies. It’s our favorite course at LACLS and usually offered in spring semesters. It bears a “W” attribution (writing). A requirement for all LACLS minors, but non-minors are also welcome!

This course will examine the question of what defines Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latinx communities; how that formulation has developed over time; and what exactly is meant now and historically by “Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies.” Students will complete readings on the scope and history of the field, as well as showcasing examples of Latin Americanist work from varied disciplinary fields. We will learn from guest speakers, who are experts in varied disciplines.

For the second half of the semester, students will develop substantial, original research papers using primary and secondary sources within the field. Students and research projects are welcome from varied disciplinary backgrounds! You are welcome to write about a topic related to your major, your hobby, your future work plans, etc. (in consultation with the professor).

The class will be conducted in English, and students may write in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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