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How can I complete a LACLS minor?

To complete the minor, all students will take the foundational seminar, LAS 401 Introduction to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies (3 credit hours), which is usually offered in spring semesters. This capstone course bears a “W” (writing) attribute and is designed specifically for the minor. It is an interdisciplinary course taught in English, and it supports students’ research in their primary discipline of interest.

Students will take an additional 12 hours of coursework focused on the LACLS area. Pre-approved courses are listed below, and the advisor can approve other coursework on a case-by-case basis, including for study abroad. Please don’t hesitate to ask! (Please note that in spring and summer 2020, the catalog is undergoing updates, and DegreeWorks will not automatically capture many courses listed below. Students can have them apply to the minor by contacting the advisor, Dr. Moody.)

GPA within the minor must be at least 2.0 (calculated without the ancillary course grades), and at least nine hours of the minor must be taken on campus at the 300-level or above.

Pre-Approved Courses

The following courses are pre-approved:

 American Studies

  • AMS 207 Intro to Latinx Studies
  • AMS 310 The Latino/Latina Experience
  • AMS 415 Service Learning
  • AMS 460 Race and Ethnicity in US Labor


  • ANT 319 Ancient New World Civilizations: Maya, Aztec and Inka
  • ANT 409 Ancient Maya
  • ANT 413 Peoples of Latin America


  • GY 345 Geography of Latin America
  • GY 450 Belize


  • HY 111 Colonial Latin America
  • HY 112 Modern Latin America Since 1808
  • HY 371 History of Brazil
  • HY 379 History of Modern Argentina
  • HY 411 Comparative Slavery and Emancipation
  • HY 429 Spanish Frontier in Latin America
  • HY 474 US Relations with Latin America
  • HY 475 Caribbean Basin 1492-Present

Modern Languages and Classics

  • SP 353 Spanish Conversation
  • SP 355 Spanish for Native Speakers
  • SP 356 Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • SP 362 Spanish for the Healthcare Professions
  • SP 366 Latin American Civilization
  • SP 375 Masterpieces of Latin American Literature I: Colonial to 1900
  • SP 376 Masterpieces of Latin American Literature II: 1900 to Contemporary
  • SP 377 US Latino Literature
  • SP 389 Spanish Outreach
  • SP 483 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SP 484 Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • SP 487 Open Topics: US Latino Literature
  • SP 489 Open Topics: Spanish-American Literature
  • SP 492 Spanish in the US

Political Science

  • PSC 332 Politics of Latin America
  • PSC 343 Authoritarianism

Ancillary Courses

6 hours of the following required in addition to the 18 hours of the minor:

  • FR 101 Elementary French I
  • FR 102 Elementary French II
  • FR 201 Intermediate French
  • FR 202 Intermediate French
  • POR 101 Elementary Portuguese I
  • POR 102 Elementary Portuguese II
  • POR 201 Intermediate Portuguese I
  • POR 202 Intermediate Portuguese II
  • SP 101 Introductory Spanish I
  • SP 102 Introductory Spanish II
  • SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • Elementary or intermediate language instruction in another language of the LACLS area is possible, with the advisor’s approval